10 Advantages Businesses Can Leverage From Mobile App

Mobile App

Advantages Businesses world is constantly changing, and any business looking to thrive in today’s world would need to change with it . 

From the adoption of new technologies to utilizing improved administrative systems, there are a lot modern businesses need to do to keep ahead of the times. 

One of these is the utilization of mobile app development services.

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Now you might be thinking, of all the modern technologies to adopt, why does my business need a mobile app? It’s still on a growing stage. 

Well, it might be true that your business is growing. It might even be a local business with very small number of customers. Here’s why mobile apps are still something you need to make use of; the fact that you have customers, and you don’t want to lose them. 

That’s where mobile apps come in.

You see, mobile apps are the best tool any business can use to keep their brands in the minds of their customers. Find this hard to believe? Check out these 3 advantages your business can leverage from mobile apps and see if you still doubt the fact that they are a must-have.

3 Advantages Your Business Can Get from Mobile Apps 

  1. Free Brand Advert

Owning a mobile app is literally like having a personal advertisement channel on your customer’s phone ─ they see the app, they think of your brand. And what’s more, this promotion comes at no extra cost to you!

Notice I said on your phone, not the internet. This makes a lot of difference and is why you should have a mobile app together with a website. With a website, you have a space on the internet. Your clients have to go to the internet to find you. With an app though, your business can live on their phones. They don’t need to do anything to find you. 

  1. Better Customer Relationship

With an app, you get a more direct channel to interact with customers. You no longer need to wait for them to take time to come to your website before you can make your voice heard. You can simply send notifications right to their phones.

  1. Enhanced Data Retrieval

Customer data is vital for every business. It tells you what your customers like and what they don’t. What they are doing at what time. The kind of things they are interested in. The kind of things they spend money on. Information like this drastically improves the efficiency of your advertisements and the suggestions you make. When it comes to gathering this kind of data, nothing beats mobile apps.

Don’t Just Get a Mobile App. Choose Mobile App Development 

Now I can almost hear you asking what is the difference between those two. Another good question. 

You see, getting a mobile app could mean one of two things. Purchasing a mobile app your business can make use of or having a mobile app developed SPECIFICALLY for your business. These two are NOT the same thing.

When you purchase a mobile app, you get a ready-made software solution customized for your business. You get something that, although works fine, is NOT personalized for your business. This means there would be things your business doesn’t necessarily need that would be on the app, more importantly, things that your business needs that aren’t on it.

While this is better than nothing, there is a much better approach.

Mobile App Development

Unlike with purchasing a mobile app, getting an app developed from scratch for your business is much better. Here, the app is designed SPECIFICALLY for your business. While a purchased software solution provides a generalized solution to whatever requirements your business has, apps here take a very direct approach.

Wondering how this is much better than simply getting a mobile app? Here are 7 reasons why having your mobile app developed from scratch is much better:

  1. Personalized Solutions

Developing a mobile app from scratch makes sure what you get is the perfect fit for you. This is because these apps are built from scratch to provide solutions to your business’s specific needs. Is there a specific issue your business faces? A specific service you render? A specific option your customers prefer that is unique to your brand? You can get your mobile app to reflect this if it is developed from scratch. 

  1. Higher Efficiency

A mobile app designed specifically for your business is the most effective mobile app you can get. Since this app takes into account your business’s specific needs, this means it would get the job done faster and have none of the extra unwanted features you are bound to find in ready-made solutions.

  1. Higher Scalability

Every business is bound to grow, and as yours does, you want your app to grow with it. Regular apps aren’t suited for this, however. Custom-developed apps, on the other hand, are developed with this in mind. These apps can be scaled rather easily to suit your business’s new size.

  1. Higher Security

By virtue of their uniqueness, custom-developed apps are more secure than their regular counterparts. Since these apps are developed uniquely, they tend to have tighter security; something every business should look for in their apps.

  1. Easy Data Transfer and Retrieval

Data is a very vital part of any business, and being able to retrieve or transfer it whenever you want is very important. Custom apps are much better at doing this than regular apps since they have systems in place made for this specific purpose.

  1. Enhanced Integration

Since custom apps are designed specifically for your business, they take into account all the other applications and software your business utilizes. This makes integrating these apps into your existing systems much easier than regular apps.

  1. Easy Maintenance and Upgrade

Unlike regular mobile apps that have been created by unknown developers, custom-developed apps are easier to maintain and upgrade. If there are any changes you need to be made to your custom-made app, all you need to do is contact the developer. For regular apps, you need to wait for the next update… and hope the developer hasn’t discontinued the software.

So you see, while getting any mobile app would give your business an advantage, having the app custom-developed brings even more benefits. Interested in getting these benefits and pushing your business ahead of the competition? Contact our expert mobile app development firm today.

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